Life Coaching

Stuck in a rut... struggling to move your life forward?

You are not alone.

No matter who you are, none of us get through this life untouched by the challenges of this world. Like the clipped wings of a bird unable to take flight, it can seem impossible navigating our way out of such a hopeless place.

Utilizing an eclectic and therapeutic cognitive behavioural approach, our certified Life Coaches provide you with a safe space to think and feel. In this space, we offer you the guidance and practical tools to surmounting your challenges and shaping a life that feels meaningful and authentic.

Our areas of expertise include:

-Individual Therapy for Adults and Children
-Couples/Relationship Counselling
-Body Image
-Mental Coaching for Professional Athletes
-Building Self-Esteem and
-Communication Skills
-Personal Growth and Career Change
-Supervision for Professional Coaches
Adults - Individual
R750 / R700
  • First Consultation / Follow up Consultations
Couples - Family
R950 / R900
  • First Consultation / Follow up Consultations
Group Coaching
  • Coaching for groups of 4+ persons


Phoenix Fit Life™ is a professional fitness and life coaching company based in Rivonia, South Africa.

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